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Ok, after 2 years of writer’s block, I finally forced myself to start working on my fantasy book again. Yesterday, I managed to re-read all about 500 pages of the story and am getting back to it. Honestly, sometimes I wonder about the stupidity of some scenes as I grew out of the style I used to use, but some surprise me with their geniality, lol. Anyway, thanks to the latter, I feel that I can continue writing it if I edit some parts.

The annoying thing is that I am always very tired, probably because I do not eat much thanks to my lovely aching teeth, and just want to rest instead of doing something meaningful. But then, since this might be my last long time without stable fulltime job, I should really do whatever I can with the damn book, so I can finally get it published. I have one publisher interested in it already, but I would like to try one of the big houses. I can manage it if the book is a top class one, so wish me luck, lots of coffee and little distractio… LOOK! A BUNNY! 😉

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