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I was released from hospital yesterday (monday, 9:30 am precisely). Yay!

I visited my best friend who is ill, so she could not visit me in hospital and we spent few ours talking, laughing and browsing papers with notes (well, drawings and jokes made during the classes) from the time when we were still classmates. I also drank a bowl of miso soup and petted kittens while there 🙂

When I reached my bf’s flat, I was half dead from fatigue. Taking buss with sore jaw can be a littletiring experience, also carrying my notebook and all my things by myself did not help, so I just took shower and laid down (well, kepst switching between lying in bed and sitting by PC).

After the horrible blended food period in hospital, especially the last few days were filled with inedible grey mash thingy for food routine, a piece of bolognese pate felt like heavenly gift 🙂

I woke up before 8am today. I blame the hospital routine with it’s 5am waking for pills, 6am waking for temperature check and 7 am waking for bed dressing change, hygiene and preparing for doctor’s visit at 8am. When you went to breakfeast at 8:15 or 8:30, you were not sleepy at all anymore.

Today’s turning of Hyrax screw was a little pailful on the right side (usually it was the left one) and I was a little worried, because my inner ear started hurting as well. Felt like it was all cramped somewhere deep inside, but my doctor instructed me before, that it might happen and happens when I have scars somewhere on the bone and the pressure is a little bigger on one exact spot, so I endured it and it was fine in about a hour or so.

The gap between my front teeth is HUGE! It is about 4mm by now and there are still at least 3 to go. I am visiting my dentist/orthodontist Thursday morning and she will check if I should stop turning by then or keep it. Then 3 months of stabilization and then full braces.

I also managed to talk to my reconstructive surgeon yesterday and he said my second surgery should take place sooner than in one year, as my dentist proclaimed, probably in 6 months or so. Also it will have to be split in two – fist the maxfac surgery on my upper jaw: Full Le Fort I and upper jaw advancement forward by cca 8mm. When it is done, I should have my other one done – I should get customized Porex Medpor cheekbone and orbital rim implants (worth an older car, lol). I need customized ones, because the widely sold ones would not cover my deficiency enough. I do not have to pay for the implants, because I will be clinical study subject and the implants will be donated to me by the company that distributes them in Czech republic. It of course comes with some obligations to the company, but that is fine with me 🙂

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