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I did not write much lately. To be honest, I am not doing much – writing, playing an online game, taking care of my grandmother (who complains about anything I ever do, lol) and trying to find a nice stable job at least till my next surgery.

I had 3 job interviews last week. All were for a job of writer/copywriter/PR writer – mostly for assistant/junior position so I have a higher chance with my mouth and face as they are now.

Try 1

Monday was a horrible experience. I applied for an IT company based job. Knowing that I do not look good and that I have a lisp, I aimed for a not so well paid editor/redactor position for an online portal. I hoped that it does not matter that I still have some speech problems and do not look pleasantly, when its job where I only write from behind of the screen. How horribly wrong I was.

The company called me on friday evening, telling me that last date for an interview is monday morning. I had a lot of things to do (doc, my insurance stuff, some papers at different offices…), so I asked them if there is not another date possible. At that moment, they clearly must know that I talk somehow weirdly and I told them that I am post-op, but they still insisted they would like to meet. I spent rest of the day rearanging stuff and planning a 3 hour travel on monday morning.

I slept 3 hours, took the buses (3 busses, 3 hours of traveling, cost quite a lot if you are unemployed). Called them in the morning once again, because the HR woman forgot to send me instructions in which of the company buildings scattered across the city we have to meet. They again told me they are looking forward to meeting me and blah, blah, blah.

I came on time, sat and was waiting for her. She came late. She gave me a weird look, but I thought it was just my impression – I can be a little paranoid sometimes, especially when I am nervous about giving them a positive impression and this happens. She led me to her colleague for interview and stayed as a second interviewer. As I started talking, they exchanged a “meaningful” look, but stayed polite… the really artificial polite. I came there, gave them a good CV, showed them at least 4 printed articles and stories to prove that I can write and am an published author (honestly, my writing experience is above this kind of job, but I wanted it, because it would be easy job for me and I would not have to worry about my looks), even brought a finished piece in english to prove that I can help out as a translator with 2 foreign languages.

The interview lasted 15 minutes. They explained the position to me, I told them that I did something similar in my past job as part of my daily work… and they did not ask even only one more thing. Just nothing. Nothing about my past work, nothing about what else I can do… just nothing. Asked me if I want to ask something, so I gave them few work related questions and when it got to pay question, I told them that I value a good job over big money and would really want this job, because I love working with written texts.

I felt a lot of antipathy and sort of mocking in the way they talked to me. Polite, but anyway. At the end, they emphatized, that they have some other candidates as well. As I was leaving, I was sure they do not even think about hiring me.

Got a rejection letter the next day – short, blunt. Just a no, thanks, we decided that another candidate will be better.

Now, I know looks do matter, but why do I have to look like a model to get a job where I hide behind the computer screen and do not speak almost to anyone?! Honestly, I was really really hurt and totally discouraged from applying for any other job before my surgeries are over.

Try 2

Anyway, on wednesday, I got a phone call from different company that I applied for and they asked me nicely if I would be willing to write a sample press release for them. Of course I said yes and they sent me the theme and requirements. I did some research and finished the press release in about 6 hours. I sent it to them thursday morning and they called me after very short while and asked me if I want to come for interview with my “future boss”. I got a date for friday morning. I also empatized, that I am post-op and still have some speach problems, but they said they do not mind and are looking forward to meeting me. Yay!

Unexpected try 3

Thursday early afternoon: I got a phone call from a company I applied to some time ago and gave up on them interviewing me already. Anyway, they called me and we managed to arrange an interview at 16:00. Again, I emphatized that I am post-op.

The interview was very unpleasant. The interviewer was a perfect case of a skilled HR manager working for a huge company. Cold, giving a lot of trick questions. I was sure that everything he ever said was meant to “examine” me. In some of the sentences he used, I clearly heard almost exact sentences of one HR management book I red some time ago. He was super skilled and I am sure he is perfect for this job – yes. But at the same time, the interview was quite unpleasant. Anyway, it was unpleasant in totally different way than the monday one. After this one, I knew I am probably not getting the job either (I messed up few times in the interview), but I was not sure I want to do it anyway, the company did not feel too good to me, too big, too impersonal… but who knows.

Second part of try 2

I came for the last interview and the most promising one at the same time, because they already were pleased with the sample of my work, so I did not come just as a person, but as someone who did already show, that she can do the work. I was nicely surprised by a very personal type of receptionist. She was really nice and was not the model artificial type that I met in the other 2 companies. Another surprise came, when I realised that she was calling my “future boss” by name, not surname. Another thing that made me feel much better about the company. I do not know why, just a nice change from the cold professionality for once.

My “future boss” appeared to be a young man, not much older than myself. Nice, polite, enegic, but not superficial at all. I must say I really liked him from the first moment.

He explained about the work, asked things about where I worked before, about experience, expected pay and so. But since he is not one of these university graduated managers, he was much more personal and warm. I had really positive feeling about the interview. Again, he assured me that they care about my skills, not my lisp. I hope they meant it. 🙂

He told me that we will get in contact this week, because he wants me to be sure that I want to do this job for a long time, not leaving after few weeks because I do not like what I write. Anyway, as long as they want me, I am theirs. This job could be very interesting, provide me a lot of new knowledge as part of my job and also let me do what I love the most – writing.

Now, I am waiting with crossed fingers. I hope that it will work out and they decide to hire me. 🙂

PS: I think the best way of dealing with badly behaving people would be taking out a toilet plunger out of my bag and suck it in their face. 🙂  It would not help, but damn would it feel good, lol. 

Rabbid plunger

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