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Life is going decently, that is why I havent been posting here for a while. The job showed to be really nice and I must say I love it. I was also able to finish one of the difficult scenes in my screenplay and am almost done with the story (only about 145 pages of the finale, but I have them drafted already). And yes, I am still foolishly dreaming of working with Gackt on this project, lol.

As for my reconstructive surgery – well, things are not the best, but the improvement is visible, so I am not complaining much and am trying to cope with the few bad moments. I got my palatal retainer (which should work as re-expander as well and give me the few extra mm that the expander did not manage to) and seriously,getting it in was hell on earth. I was crying by pain and the doctor could not fit it in no matter what she did at first. One of my molar bands was ripped off in the process, which actually showed to be good, because she could stick the wire in and then cement the band back on my tooth.

One side of my mouth is extremely sensitive to pain and they have no idea why it is so. It looks like something must have gone wrong with the surgery. I suppose that is my luck 😦

Anyway, I will be posting a little more from now on. I also got a myspace account (mainly for writing and work reasons), but if you want to friend me, let me know that you got my contact from here. I usually do not accept just anybody for the sake of “having a lot of friends”.


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I am sitting at bfs flat, stuffing myself with a tiny piece of cake that was left from my namesday and am preparing to leave in about a hour to get a haircut and then run to job interview (sushi chef in training position, lol), but the only damn thing that I can think about is the not so wel written murder thingy in my story.

My main char Jun witnesses murder. But nobody remembers that the murderer ever lived – it looks as if it was Jun’s fantasy… and he becomes suspect instead. Since he is working in VIP club and the victim was member there, media start sniffling around, but they stay low, because the club owner is generously handing out checks for “discretion”. Buuuut I need to have the club closed later, so I can throw Jun into very important scene, where he discovers, that many things aren’t what they seemed to be.

In other words: I hate the damn media scenes.  I hate writing detective scenes… and since they are intertwined, its twice the mess. Anyway, I need to rewrite the murder scenes in news and newspapers. Again… ;___;

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