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Last few days have been quite uneventful. I went home (home as gran’s place in a tiny mountain village). The way home was quite tiring, so I am resting a lot and just healing.

The only thing that worries me is  one of my bands. It seems that it is getting a little loose and I really hope it wont get loose sooner than I get to see my dentist this thursday, since I am more than 4 hours away with really bad bus/train connection.  The problems started tonight. I woke up in serious pain and realised I am clenching my teeth. Since they connect only on the place where this problematic band is located, I probably did something to it. The band reaches a little over my teeth, because they are very short vertically (thanks to my mutated gums, lol).

As I kept turning today (will there ever be end to the turning?), the tooth was very sore and the band looks like it is about to slip off the tooth, but not completely. More like the end of the band moved by about 1mm over the tooth’s top and stopped there. I am really worried that it might come off, but it looks like it is stuck there and almost like it was still properly glued… so I hope it can hold till thursday, or dare I say, even longer?!

I am not eating much, because my nerves are regenerating quite rapidly and I am getting more sensation. Which,  at this moment, means that my teeth are sore and my palate is sore and touchy as well. But painkillers are working, so they can block most of it.

I am quite glad I did not get the Disney job actually (even if I really wanted to get it and would accept if they offered it to me anytime), because it means more time for healing and getting better. I can also see some minor changes in my face – the mouth, a little more fulness, a little straighter nose and a little change in the cheek/eye area. I must say I quite like them. I hate my bite and my teeth at the moment, but that should be sorted once I get my braces in 2 months.

Have a fresh photo of me:

Ah, wait… I take that back. Forget it. That was my early morning before cafe photo taken by hidden camera… oh damn, now everyone knows.

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