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Sorry for the delay, I was not feeling well. Delayed post surgery shock creeped on me and I also happened to have stomach problems and headache, so I spent most of my time in bed. I just would like to say that this is not a common complication and even doctors were surprised.

We also started turning the screw by 0,2 mm 3 times every day.

I was really scared when we were about to turn it the first time, especially because I overally felt very bad and was not in mood for another pain/nuisance. After the checkup from doctors Thursday morning, they called me “to the chair” (yes, THAT nasty mean evil dentist chair of dread, lol) and my dentist came to instruct me and turn the screw. The turning went strangely smooth. It did not hurt much, but created a lot of pressure on the Hyrax and therefore also on my teeth and palate. I had a really weird feeling in between my front teeth, where the gap was to form later and also felt a little sick from the pressure, but nothing major. Overally, I was happy everything goes so well.

The pressure and irritated feeling stopped after about 2 hours (or maybe I got used to them?) and after 5 hours, I was prepared for another turning. After 4 turns, I was fine and did not get sick-ish from it anymore.

I had to turn it the first time by myself yesterday and to be honest, I was surprised that you have to use a lot of power to turn the screw, yet it does not hurt. I had problem with my Hyrax key (long and good for the docs to use, but not too good for turning the Hyrax on yourself), so an older doctor came and thought out a way for me. I got a tiny finger key that I can quite easily slip into my mouth and direct to the right place just by my fingertips.

A little unpleasant was, when the doc was not sure if we were turning it the right way so far, because my Hyrax is customized and different from the usual one. So he tried to turn it the other way. OUCH! It was not pleasant. It was not nice. It was… well…I could feel the osteotomized bones being pushed to each other. Luckily, he realized it immediately and returned it to previous position. I think I should bite his fingers off or something for that 😉

He managed to mess it up a little later again, when he did not realize I have stiched incisions on the inner side of my whole upper lip and lifted it to check it. I gave out a loud “OUCH!” and he winced and said “Oops, sorry.”

But overally, he helped me a lot by checking my palate etc. and telling me everything goes as planned. Also I could have difficulties with my long key, if he did not give me that tiny one and show me how to use it.

So, I am turning on my own now, the doctor just checks if everything is ok. My palate is wider by cca 3 mm by now and expanding. I got a huge gap in between my front teeth and they look crooked, but that is how it will be until they move a little by themselves.

What I hate about staying in hospital is food. I have liquid diet (and will for more 6 weeks at least) and so I am getting really weird stuff. The thing I get for breakfeast is the very same every day. I managed to eat it for 5 days, not anymore. Looks like some sort of very liquid sweet mixture of something in milk. No other flavor except for being milky sweet.

Other food tends to be ok. They usually take what the other patients get for dinner and just mix/mash my portion. The result is usually grey-brown-yellow-ish mixture of strange consistence and even stranger taste, which I usually distinguish as 1) sweet 2)salty 3)salty with something added to it. When the food is mashed into this weird paste, you know what it is, but the tastes are so melted one into each other that it becomes one of the 3.

Anyway, I asked gran for cucumber salad yesterday (very very softly grinded) and enjoyed a tasty meal for the first time this week. I never thought I would be so happy from something as tiny as this.

Another wave of joy came when I realized I can finally move my upper lip again. Yay! I was bouncing around other patients and telling them and showing them, lol. I feel like everything is getting only better now.

If things go well, I will be released from hospital soon. If you have any questions or comments, you are welcome 🙂

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