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A really weird dream

Ok, I had a really really weird dream tonight.

It started as me being a favourite cat (gliding cat, I could spread skinfolds between my paws and glide on it like these gliding squirrels) of a dark evil queen. The queen was fighting heroes who came to reap her throne from her and I was stuck between helping them, so they will not be killed and helping the queen, because she was not really so terribly bad as everyone thought.

After a while, I helped some heroes escape and gained human form while doing it, so I could not go back to the castle. We were running away and appeared in a park in the middle of Prague. It was completely empty and white, there was a snowstorm coming. I heard the sound of hooves and people from Lord of the Rings appeared. I think it was Aragorn, Gandalf and some rohan horsemen. Aragorn seemed to be one of the heroes I saved from the queen.

We decided that we must get fine horses. Gandalf called for Shadowfax, who appeared in the form of unicorn, and I wanted to ride it, but Aragorn was quicker. I was really upset and just took one of the rohan horses (yellowish horse with grey saddle). We rode up across the park, but were stopped by hungry Wargs. Horses went mad and ran away, so we just stood there.

Then we heard the sound of jinglebells and Santa Claus appeared on a slide (sleigh?). We stole it, telling him to catch and take one of our runaway horses. I somehow managed to catch one of the Wargs and attached it to the slide like a horse. Aragorn wanted to take the reins, but I told him “You had your shadowfax, I have my warg. Now give me the reins or get out!” and took them from him, lol.

We were sliding down the park again and my friend appeared to be in the slide as well. I asked her, if he have brakes and she answered “Yes!” and pulled on them. We immediately crashed and I think knocked the warg unconscious or killed it. I was really mad… and then my alarm saved me from this obscurity 😉

Now… I really feel weird 😉

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