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I have been wondering lately… since my journey will be finished this spring (if things go well), should I write and try to publish a book or e-book regarding crouzon syndrome, coping with the illness, tips for pacients and their families and such? Most of websites just do not cover this thema – even the foundations seem to have very little to say.

I would include my photos during the surgery phase, childhood photos and also medical tips in cooperation with doctors. It would not be a thick one, but I think such a book could help many people and provide information to anybody who is interested.

Of course, this book would have to be sold either online as an ebook or printed (not sure how really, probably some on demand publishing service? I do not know any UK/US based publisher who would be interested, do you?), because I just can not spend a lot of time writing  and polishing it completely for free. Books are not blogs 😦

What do you think?

Anyway, here, as a special absolutely free reward for your time, have an axolotl newt picture stolen from the web 🙂

Do you feel special now? 😉

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