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Spring surgery approved

I had a visit at my ortho and one of my surgeons (who is also chief surgeon of the maxfac department) and guess what? I got a YES for my next surgery. Apparently, the jaw is healing well, the clicking will subside in time (and I got some useful tips how to deal with the clicking, stiffness and ocassional pain). My ortho also thinks that if I patiently wear the rubber bands in the new positions, I could be debraced this spring, even though I still have to wear a retainer 24/7 for a while after I am brace-free.

Anyway, it seems good news to me. I already announced the spring surgery at work as well and it seems they do not mind 🙂

By the way, this is me now. The swelling is 100% gone now.

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Not much is happening in my life lately. I lost job because of the last surgery and recovery time, got a new one, finished my book (http://www.candar.org/en/?page_id=5), also I am really enjoying free breathing through my nose and that I can chew and bite properly for the first time in my life… all these small things that do not need much writing about, at least not on this site.

As the Christmass is aproaching, everyone asks me what I want for gifts. To be honest, all I wish for is that my next surgery really happens in spring as planned and that everything goes well. I want a nice face as a belated christmass gift and if possible, I would like to not lose a job thanks to surgery and recovery.

I am still wearing braces and elastic bands on the right side of my jaws, because it still needs a small rotation to right.  My orthodontist said that if everything goes well, I might have my braces removed this pring. God, I can not even imagine how it will feel to not have them anymore. But it would be awesome to have a metal-less smile for once 🙂

The cheekbone surgery is pending. It will not happen sooner than spring 2010, but there is a chance that my bones will not be ready yet or the bite is not fixed yet, or Earth gets hit by a huge life erasing meteorite or something similar, that prevents me from getting it.

But I am still hoping 😉

Oh… and I also the feeling might be strating to return to my upper front teeth after all. I think I am starting to feel pain sometimes, which is a good thing. I thought the numbness is permanent.

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