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Going fulltime

Ok, if nothing major happens, I am going full time from the 12th May. I have one contract offer before me and am waiting for one more company to decide if they want me or no. Either way, I have a full time position secured.

The offers look like this right now:

1) Assisting service coordinator and translator position in phone assistance company – decent pay, work 30 minutes by bus from my Prague flat, 4 days a week (long shifts). Its phone based work and not 100% what I would like to do, but I am qualified for it, would allow me to spend more time with gran and write. The cons are high work stress and that I would be probably braindead after work, also this is not my planned career course really. They offered me a contact, so if I do not get a chance elsewhere, I go for them.

2) Translation manager/coordinator in a translation company – decent pay, work right next to my house in Prague (so no transportation at all, lol!), 5 days a week (normal shifts), would be good career course. The only con is that I would have slightly harder time going to grans place, but I think I could manage. Oh and they are small, but quite rich company. If they offer me a contract, I am their woman, lol.

3) Junior assistant to general director for major Czech security company – decent pay, work 45 minutes from my Prague home by bus (and bad transportation), 5 days a week (normal shifts), chance for good pay rise and becoming personal assistant to the general director. The job does not look bad, but the transportation is major pain in the ass and also they are late with their offer, because I need to decide this Wednesday the latest. So, probably, I will pass this one.

I am planning to start hitting the gym when I go full time and also need to finish Kiseki (thinking about name change lately, lol).

My dream would be job in the Prague film studios Barrandov, but they have no opening for me right now and I seriously need a job with stable income. I thought about job in major Czech TV, but no interesting openings (that I have qualification for of course) is not available.

So, I suppose I am gonna be content with just being employed… be it where it is.

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