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It’s out! After 6 months, it is out!

At the 20th March, I spent about a hour in the dentist’s chair and was getting my Hyrax out, teeth de-cemented and new bands applied on my molars. To be honest, it was not the most pleasant experience, even with 800mg of Ibalgin taken before I went to the hospital. But then, my teeth are quite extreme and I am clinical patient, so do not fear the RPE (Hyrax expander) removal just because I said it hurt in my case.

It’s really nice to have a horse bit free palate.

My teeth still hurt and my ortho says that they should not, so she did not use any more elastics on me this time, giving my teeth 6 weeks of rest with just the wire to keep them in shape. Hopefully, the palate and teeth will stop being sore, because it is really tiring lately.

Getting the half-slipped off band finally out also lets me to close my mouth a little better now and my open bite closed by about 2mm in the front. The result: TMJ got better.

Seriously, comparing my before and after pic of teeth makes me feel quite good about this all. There definitively IS an improvement, even with all the pain.


braced smile

My next surgery is planned in about 6-9 months, after my teeth are lined up and prepared. It will be bimaxial with upper jaw moved forward and my lower tilted. I am looking forward to it, because the results should be quite dramatic.

As for the rest of my life: I still have no regular job, I am still quite sore and tired and I am still working hard on my screenplay, where I am getting to the finale. Seriously, I really want to have the draft done as soon as possible.

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The story

I managed to write about 8 more pages today, which is ok, considering how difficult the story is right now, but I am not happy with it. According to my plan, I should be at least drafting the “fateful Christmas party” scene. I just need to get over it, so I can start revealing all the big mysteries that are just hinted in the story so far. I want them out! But at the same time, I need to be realistic. O___o

The total page count is 92 normed pages (minimalistic type of storytelling with minimal descriptions and a lot of dialogues) with at least 20-40 more pages till the story is finished. What keeps worrying me is the speed. The start is somehow slower, so I do not want to end it too quickly, it would feel unbalanced. But then, I also do not want to drag the story… aaargh, the pain of being an obsessed perfectionist.

The deadline I set for myself is end of April for the story and end of May for the English version and screenplay.

As for publishing – I am pretty much torn. I know I can publish the story almost immediately in Czech Republic, my publishers seem to be very interested in the story. But then, that would mean losing the first print rights to them and I would prefer to publish it overseas and I am dead-set on offering it to 2 well known artists as movie scripr and/or merchandise story/book. The chance is small, since I am an outsider and do not have connections in the field there, but I keep hoping and checking the field.

If I can offer a precise story, I can make this happen. If not, then I still have much to learn. Time will show.

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Kiseki. The damn story that consumes my life.

Just joking, I love it, it is my baby. I only wish I did not have to struggle with all the facts. But it can not be helped, since the story takes place in Japan… and partially in VIP host club in Tokio. Facts, facts and more facts that need to be correct.

I am just writing the detective part of the story, just before the first big surprise unveils and to be honest, I trully hate to write detective stories, but Kiseki just demand this part of the storyline. Also while I was gathering information about japanese host clubs (with male staff), I came across this interesting documentary called The Great Happiness Space. I highly recommend it.

Here is a small scene from page 73 of Kiseki, the staff preparing for the last attempt to save the host club – A Christmas party. I roughly translated from my Czech draft.

Mentioned characters:
Mr. Sato – club owner
Akio – one of the top hosts and “swine extraordinaire”, but good at management

“Ok, the survival of this club depends on this event. Everything must be perfect. I have ordered stylists and hairdressers who will take care of you. Clothes will be provided by Naoki’s brand studio – do not forget to choose your style and appear for the fitting.” Sato looked as if he haven’t slept for days, but was spreading positive energy. “We will have media at the place, so nothing inappropriate. If the client gets drunk, take her to private room and call her a taxi. Discretely!”
Akio took the word. “You will get a day off today and tomorrow. As for the party, you will come at noon and leave around four or five in the morning. Who does not come is fired.”
One of the hosts chuckled. “And if somebody gets seriously ill?”
“Then he is allowed to die… AFTER THE PARTY!”

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My migraines are getting much worse than few days ago. They are probably caused by TMJ disorder, because my bite is really bad now and my jaw muscles are getting really tired. Unfortunately, it is not just sore muscles anymore, but is becoming regular migraines with all that comes with it – irritated eyes, headaches, light sensitivity… not fun at all.

I am struggling with Kiseki – something is still off from page 60 and I am not sure what exactly. Probably I wrote something wrong about the reality of the host clubs, so I am getting myself few documents about them, so I can study and maybe think out what is wrong with my writing. I so hate being a perfectionist sometimes. Anyway, trying to write, having head full of ideas and having heavy migraine at the same time is no fun.

I promised myself that only one more page today and then I am off to bed. Good night guys.

EDIT: The migraine got a little better today, so I watched half of the document about host clubs. It’s called The Great Happiness Space: Tale of an Osaka Love Thief.  Also I edited few more pages of Kiseki. Again, I trully hate detective parts of stories, lol.

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Ok, one by one:


I got a new haircut on thursday. I think I like it, its fluffy and a little closer to what I wanted than the last one. It can be made casual or very fluffy by mixing some foam and wax into it. 😉 The basic cut is similar to one of Gackt’s hairstyles, but since my hair is very fine and I have different facial structure (obviously, gah! >__<), it looks different.

Trying to get Gackt's haircut, lolTrying to get Gackt's haircut, lol

Fluffed up version 😉

Trying to get Gackt's haircut, lol


I spent most of the time trying to figure out what does not work in the last 20 pages of Kiseki. Obviously, I did not write the media and police actions timed too well. So I will reedit few scenes, add some other ones and delete few blocks of text. Anyway, it should work once I force myself to edit and rewrite all the things that I changed and scratched on printed papers. Somehow, I did not have power to do it today. Lazy, I know.


When I came back home from Prague, I was shocked to death. When I said hello to gran and she turned to me, I realised that she has HUGE black-violet bruise around her left eye. First thing that I thought of was that somebody attacked and robbed her. What really happened was that when she was visiting her friend and they went to visit some garden, she stepped on a rake that was left there. And guess what? Yes, she did NOT go to a doctor. Damn, she could have  concussion of the brain or something… sometimes I wish I could just take her and carry her to doctor be she willing or not. Anyway, she is getting better now and I will try to get her to doctor for some check-up at least.

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