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I am sitting at bfs flat, stuffing myself with a tiny piece of cake that was left from my namesday and am preparing to leave in about a hour to get a haircut and then run to job interview (sushi chef in training position, lol), but the only damn thing that I can think about is the not so wel written murder thingy in my story.

My main char Jun witnesses murder. But nobody remembers that the murderer ever lived – it looks as if it was Jun’s fantasy… and he becomes suspect instead. Since he is working in VIP club and the victim was member there, media start sniffling around, but they stay low, because the club owner is generously handing out checks for “discretion”. Buuuut I need to have the club closed later, so I can throw Jun into very important scene, where he discovers, that many things aren’t what they seemed to be.

In other words: I hate the damn media scenes.  I hate writing detective scenes… and since they are intertwined, its twice the mess. Anyway, I need to rewrite the murder scenes in news and newspapers. Again… ;___;

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5 months after SARPE

Ok, another check. Here are my before and after photos after surgically assisted palatal expansion aka SARPE. My expander is still on and I have braces (they surprisingly add to the positive result atm, lol), but I have my removal date: 20th March. Yay!

I am posting photos without makeup, because they show the results better than any “concealed” ones.

Anyway, here you go:


5 months after:

5 Months after SARPE


Crouzon syndrome before

5 months after:

5 Months after SARPE

Also I celebrated my namesday on 21th February (its a Czech thing, lol) and I got a cake from gran, belgium chocolate from parents and gave myself a cute plushie kitten decoration. I do not celebrate my namesday or birthday normally, but it felt nice that somebody remembered this time.

The cake is a lie!Chocolate O___oKitty

And remember… the cake is a lie! O___o
Aka the portal song 😉

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Miyavi! O___o

As scary as it is, I am starting to like Miyavi. Some songs are not bad at all, even if they are a little weird. I found myself to like Kekkonshiki no uta, Senor senora senorita and Kimi ni negai wo and listen to it as I write the story.

Anyway, enjoy:

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This is what I wanted to write at first. But then I wrote another 1.000 words and finished a super important scene – the fencing duel one. I am sure it will need some editing later, but I captured the exact feeling that I wanted to have in it. The only thing I fear is how difficult will this be, when I will have to translate it to english as well.

The story has oficially 60+ pages and I am quite happy with the whole thing. I moved the Kyoto scene and will use it in another context, which might be even cooler than I planned it before.

Oh… and I got a new picture for my desktop. Say goodbye to my hot Gaara (Naruto) wallpaper and hail the new ruler! My RF Online wallpaper!

Click to enlarge:

RF Online cora art wallpaper

(Insert random sexist comment about unearthly hot men in tight black leather)

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Tired to death

I just came home after 4 hours of travel. I am so tired I can not write even one page of the story that I am working on. Anyway, I made some alterations in my head and hope to write at least 10 pages tomorrow. Especially the infamous octopus scene O___o

As for my teeth, I still have the expander on. Honestly, its starting to be quite tiring. :-/ My ortho put a rubber band on my front teeth to pull them together and close the gap. First 2 days were quite painful, but now its ok. I almost do not feel it anymore.

I got another date for the removal, now hopefully a final one: 20th March, 9:00 am. She is setting asside a hour for me, so I fear that it wont be a simple snapping off as she claims, but anyway. Also thanks to things not going as planned during the expansion, I will be getting 4-6 new bands on my molars instead of the planned 2. I can not wait to have it all behind me. O___o

Oh and work-wise. I got 2 rejections so far, but the promising company did not reply yet, so I am being hopeful.

Midnight edit:

I drank a huge mug of coffee and wrote 8 pages. The story is going well. Unfortunately, my gran is feeling really bad. Her health got worse since thursday when I left our flat to see a doc. Honestly, I am really worried scared… but unless doctors find a way how to help her, there is nothing I can do except for helping her when I am with her. 😦

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I finished the first third of Kiseki yesterday. It reached 40 pages in total and I am quite happy with the whole feeling of the story. I added some scenes with a minor female character called Kaori, who seems to be perfect courterpant for Hikaru, my second main character. They create some incredibly funny scenes just by being together and being themselves.

I started introducing much more drama into the story in the second part. My main character is heading to Kyoto at the moment and will have an interesting experience at Fushimi Inari shrine:

Fox shrine

Of course he is not going to sightsee, but experience, what a place with many gates can do. Yes, if you are trying to escape from a prison, you have to go through a gate. And if you are locked in another world, a place with ten thousands of gates can be exactly, what you would be looking for. Can bring some memories to my beloved Jun.

10000 gates in japan

I am just upset that I did not take more notes when I was in Japan. Would make my work much easier today.

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Yup, this is the oficial title for my story. I managed to break the gray wall of writers block and moved with the story. I do not say it is perfect yet, but with a lot of editing, cutting off and adding, the first third of the story is done. 30+ pages so far and the story started flowing again.

I decided to call it Kiseki – Miracle, because the main theme is hope and a miracle is, what started all the things and allowed the main characters to live in a way they would never be able to experience without it. When you think about it, just living a life is a miracle… and if you are living on borrowed time like Jun, my main protagonist, its even more true.

The funny thing is, that what made me able to continue with it was listening to this song from Miyavi. Its called Kimi ni negai wo. I dislike the clip, but the song is very nice.

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