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I had a really bad day today. My RPE was not removed, even if I was looking forward to it like a small kid to candy, lol. I just got upper braces for my front teeth and to be honest, it extremely hurt. My teeth are not numb anymore, but instead of normal sensing, I feel just pain when I touch them. And the doc put braces on them. God, I thought I will die when she started attaching the small rubber thingies that hold the wire in place… and when she was finished, she was bending the ends of the wire so that they wont keep poking and hurting the inside of my cheeks (no idea why she did not do it before it got attached). In short, it was worse than anything they did to me so far. When I left the chair, my tears were running and everyone kept asking me if I am ok.

RPE removal is scheduled on 14th February. They also found out that they did not expand my palate enough, so I will need to wear some sort of wire that should not just serve as retainer, but expand the arch even more. No idea how they want to do it 5 months after the surgery  :-/

I am not an happy puppy ­čśŽ

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